nancy rodgers garden design

FAQ's title1) How long will it take to get a design done?

Typically, from the date of the first enquiry to handing over the final design, it will take 4-6 weeks; approximately 1 week to book in the initial consultation, then 1 week to book in the survey, a couple of weeks for me to complete the drafts and book an appt to present them, and another week or so if any amendments are necessary.


2) How long does it take to build a garden?

This obviously varies according to the particular garden. However as an example, a 60ft garden which will have a new patio, lawn, fencing, shed and borders, will take the landscaper about 2 weeks to build, and then 2-3 days for myself to carry out the planting.


It will be necessary to book the landscaper in, and he may have a busy schedule, so it is a good idea to set the whole process in motion as early in the year as possible if a new garden is needed for the summer.


3) Do you just design or do you do any of the physical work yourself?

I may like to get involved at the clearance stage to salvage any plants and instruct what to remove or keep, and I carry out all aspects of the planting. I also do lots of other general gardening work for border renovations.


4) Can we do any of the work ourselves?

Yes - from clearance to planting and anything else in between! Myself and the landscapers that I work with are happy to be flexible if there is anything that you would like to do or arrange yourself. For example I can simply deliver and place plants, and leave you to dig the holes and plant them if you wish.


5) How much will a design cost?

This varies according to the size and complexity of the design required. I will be able to give a written quotation for a design after seeing the garden at the initial consultation stage.


6) Do you work on your own or do you employ people?

I have a trusted circle of other experienced self-employed gardeners that work for me when the need arises. They help me carry out for example shrub clearance, heavy-duty pruning, tree planting etc.


Gardener at work


7) Who does the building work?

I have worked with some excellent landscapers many times over the years. They are used to working from my designs and I strongly recommend them for their expertise and professionalism.


Gardener at work


8) Do you supervise the building work?

Normally the landscaper or specialist contractor that I recommend will liaise directly with my client and manage the project perfectly well. However if there are aspects of, or the whole project that you would like me to co-ordinate and oversee, that can be arranged.


(9) What about maintenance?

I can provide an after-care schedule to help you maintain the garden yourself, or I can recommend a good garden maintenance company. I am also very happy to make say 1-3 visits per years to trouble-shoot or carry out any extra pruning or planting.


10) Do you only work in private gardens?

No, I work in and design gardens for schools, hospitals, urban spaces, restaurants etc.